donut muffins.


donut muffins.

Recipe can be found here.

Feel like a good movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon? You might want to check out this adorable film, Vivacious Lady. You can't go wrong with Ginger Rogers and Jimmy Stewart.

As for me? I'm going to continue sewing and watching movies that I've seen over and over again in hopes that I won't get too distracted by them. I've tried watching movies I've never seen before and work at the same time, but I'm always distracted and end up getting nothing accomplished. Most likely it will be some Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire films or The Thin Man. They never fail to make me incredibly happy.

One more week until February! Have a fabulous new week and what's left of the weekend.

{On second thought, perhaps My Man Godfrey is in order for this afternoon. :) }

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  1. I just saw The Thin Man- I think on a recommendation from you sometime ago. Loved the zippy banter between Nick and Norah-- thanks for the tip.