i love the snow:::


{fresh snow.}

It is late and I should be in bed, but I have been trying to catch up with some emails I've been putting off. I absolutely love getting mail, whether it's emails or real live mail (of course I always enjoy the latter a little bit more). However, sometimes it can be hard keeping up with it all and whenever I put it off, I find it even harder to sit down and respond to everything. I suppose that is procrastination on my part. A very bad habit. Something I must break. Possibly a New Year's resolution? Oh yeah, I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions. Well, the idea of them appeals to me, but when it comes to actually doing them, well, that's when the evil procrastination sickness sets in. And I never really do anything on the list. Then it's all just so depressing. It's a wretched little cycle. Although, it never hurts to write down things to work on and change, even if you don't necessarily get them all accomplished in one whole year. Alright, moving on... I can tell this is going to be filled with pretty much useless information. But lo! I have pictures! A few anyway.

loving the snow

wool yarn

my first knitted sock

I am simply loving the snow we are getting! That's probably what will help me get up tomorrow morning. The fact that it is going to be gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Also a few cups of strong black coffee will help as well. I'm not really a morning person, though I like the idea of being a morning person. I don't even really eat breakfast that much (again, I like the idea of it), but I love my coffee. I love it good and strong. But (and this sounds like another New Year's resolution coming on) I would love to be able to change that and become a morning person again, with the occasional late night on a weekend. I usually try this for about a month and then somehow, someway, I find myself getting back into the same old rut again where I cannot seem to get to bed at a sane hour and then find myself sleepy all day. How is it that I can be completely worn out during the afternoon, but when it hits 10p.m. I'm all wide eyes? Oh, well. I'll figure out that whole thing someday. Yeah, maybe this year is the year I figure it out...maybe.

I've also been knitting up a storm. I decided to knit or crochet most of the gifts this year. A lot of people will be getting hand warmers. I've also got a few other things up my sleeve, but I hesitate to write them out here. I have no idea who reads this and I wouldn't want to give away any surprises! I just hope I can get most, if not all of them completed before Christmas. Next year I need to start a heck of a lot earlier. This whole last minute business just isn't cutting it for me. As much as I love having a bunch of projects to knit up while it's all cozy inside and snowing outside, I don't really have the time to lounge about all day making gifts. So next year maybe I will start at least a few months before, instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving...ehem. Did I mention I'm a procrastinator?

Most of you will probably be reading this in the morning (oh wait, it IS the morning), so good morning! Have a lovely week and stay cozy!

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  1. Oh, I love that first snowy morning. Good luck with all your Christmas presents. I know how it feels, just think of the time crunch as a major motivator. I still have 2 1/2 scarfs, one pair of mittens, and one sock to go. :)
    We can do it!