it's gettin' colder


mismatched, but cozy
{mismatched, but cozy}

Today I wore a summery skirt, just because I felt like it. Pair it with some thick leggings and voila! Summer skirt turned winter skirt. I want to get wool tights, though. That would be so nice.

spring skirt::winter skirt

Look! The kitties want a peek!


Got this magazine a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to look at it a lot. There are two skirts in there that I want to make up for the winter. I am thinking wool and corduroy. Yesterday I picked up a corduroy skirt and a bias plaid Christmasy looking skirt at Salvation Army. All together it was something under $5. That felt good. They need washed, though. And I might change the lining in the cord skirt. I love winter clothes and bundling up. I'm still knitting up a storm, but have decided I'm a very loose knitter. I think I need to use needles two sizes smaller than the patterns recommend. Luckily, the garment I am knitting right now will look nice in the looser knit, so it should be fine.

Stay warm!


  1. aw your kitties are adorable! i love their coats.

  2. Lovely! My winter wardrobe is my summer wardrobe, plus thick tights, long sleeved shirts underneath everything, and cozy sweaters on top. I never understand people who pack clothing away for the season.

  3. Oooh! I love that green vase! That's really cute! No doubt a vintage find. :)

  4. Such sweet kitties! :)

    I am just beginning to learn how to layer things up for really cold weather....something I never learned how to do in Florida! ;) tee hee! I love your floral skirt with the winter woolies! So pretty!

    I think the 'idea' of wool tights is wonderful and cozy....but am rather allergic! I'm sure they would be nice and warm, though!

    I've been wanting to make up a pair of flannel lined dungarees for a very 50's style!

  5. Such a pretty skirt, beautiful colours...
    Winter clothes are definitely the best!
    Lovely blog :)