end of summer



I realize I haven't posted anything in quite awhile. I've been feeling rather overloaded with work lately. It's something I know I just have to get used to... Stress is one of those things I can't deal with easily and whenever there are what seem like a million things on my plate, I just feel unsettled and I HATE that feeling. So I'm trying to learn how to deal with stress and all that lovely stuff. It's just one of those things you learn to deal with throughout life I guess. There's this WWII poster I think of every time I'm feeling a little worried. It simply says "Keep Calm and Carry On." Isn't that lovely? I am determined to acquire that print someday. For the time being I have a little posted note written to myself and stuck to my calendar. So every time I look up I see that note. :) Oh, life...it's so wonderful and yet so confusing at the same time.

Here's something I wrote a few days ago...

Summer has passed us by and now it's the beginning of the dead season. Not that I don't like autumn, but there is a deadness about autumn that can be slightly depressing. I felt like I never really got to enjoy summer until it was half over. I made an effort to wear sundresses on particularly hot days. I even went swimming for the first time in YEARS. I had forgotten how much fun it was. I want to go to the lake again and jump in the water. I want to have a chance to wear that new bathing suit I got! I want to have time to walk around the countryside on terribly hot and muggy days. I want to be outside for hours and hours and not get an ounce of a tan on my skin, unless you count the thirty freckles that suddenly appeared all over my face, arms and knees. I want to have spontaneous dance parties every single night. I want to listen to music in the car, with all the windows rolled down... I want to camp out on random nights, with no tent and no sleeping bag. Just a few blankets and some friends.

It's not that summer is so much different from the rest of the year, except of course the weather is quite a bit different here. But I don't go to school, so it's not like I have less work to get done than I do any other day out of the year. But there's something about summer that is freeing. It's almost like you feel more free just because you can walk outside with your bare feet on, a tank top and a cotton skirt and suddenly you feel as though you're apart of everything around you. Yes, that last sentence sounds a little strange, but for me sometimes I feel like that. Maybe it's not just summer I'm thinking of. Maybe it's every day out of the year. Maybe I'm forgetting that there's lovely things to look at, even when it's 20 below outside. Or maybe it's just that I feel like I didn't appreciate the summer as much as I could have...and now it's already gone. Look outside the window and realize what a beautiful world this is...before it all melts away.

I was going to go to Kentucky this weekend, but that didn't end up working out so I've decided to go visit my sister in Des Moines to celebrate her 25th birthday. (Happy birthday, Katie!!) I'll bring my camera and will try to go a little wild with it. But then again, there's no trying necessary for me. I love taking pictures. So we'll see...perhaps I will post again before long. Take care everyone out there in cyber world. And if you aren't doing anything this weekend, GO and DO something. Be spontaneous! And don't give a hoot what anyone thinks of you. Because it doesn't matter! (I promise.)


  1. Love the dress you're wearing in the picture, Anna! :)

    Haha... Stress! I'm the same way; I just don't deal well with it. So you're not the only one. ;)

    Have a good weekend!! :)

  2. Aw, thanks, Casey. I rarely have time anymore to make things for myself. I'm trying to change that, though! ;-)

    Yeah, stress I think is linked with worry and when you think about it, worrying is totally useless. I know there's no point to it, but somehow I happen to still worry way more than I should. But I'm determined to cure my disease. haha. I'm just learning to take things one at a time and when something unexpected happens, I remind myself that it's OK. Everything always works out in the end, even if it's not exactly the way *I* planned it.

  3. Funny, whenever I think of sewing for people I think it would be too much stress, and then I think of you and your business and just figure that you must not get stressed out easily. Ha! Oh well, at least it's normal. :)