Stripes and linen, two of my favorite things! I made this new linen pullover, which I think is perfect for this hot summer weather we are having. The linen is beautiful quality and it was a pleasure to work with. I almost forgot how wonderful linen is! It's in the shop and on sale now! This one in size medium.


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    1. Thank you, Erica! Btw, I'm loving your "work in progress" series! We haven't been able to do too much to this place yet, so it's still in the planning stages. But we finally got a new dining table (just Ikea, but way better than our old one), which I'm SO happy about! But now we have to fix a bunch of Thonet chairs we got on Craigslist. Kind of a mistake purchasing them because we are realizing that it's going to be a bigger project fixing them up than we though. Hopefully they will be finished before too long, though! And then we have the rest of the house to work on...sigh. Long process!