polka dot jumpsuit and lavender


I couldn't resist this polka dot jumpsuit from Zara. I just couldn't! I don't know if it suits me or not, but it's definitely comfortable and easy to wear. I now own THREE navy and white polka dot outfits from Zara. Apparently I can't get enough of these navy and white polka dots! I bought another playsuit only it has short pants and I also have a sleeveless "wiggle" dress that looks very 1950's to me. I guess my summer wardrobe will all coordinate! 

Now that we are home, I'm starting to see lots of plants "come alive" in our yard since we were last here during the end of March. I especially love the lavender plants and hope to plant a few more herbs. Maybe I will also get a chance to plant some vegetables in pots. I don't even know if shops are still selling garden plants anymore. I wonder if it's easy to plant pumpkins or squash in a pot or bucket for the fall? I don't want to dig up the backyard just yet as we are renting and I would need to talk to our landlord before doing anything drastic. But I have lots of space on our patio for potted plants. 

I also have lots of ideas for inside our house. I've been scouring Craigslist for furniture to replace our old hand-me-down pieces that we've had since we were married (and before). I really really want to get a "secretary" of sorts to hide away the computer in our living room. There are cords everywhere and it drives me insane to have them out in full view. Plus the computer is sitting on a really old and heavy desk that takes up way too much space in our small house. I'd also like to get a new dining room/kitchen table. Among other things, we'd love to paint all of our walls white. I think it will really open up the space in here and since we have smallish windows, I think it will make the rooms brighter. Jed is working night and day to finish a paper he is working on, and I can't do much without him, so I'm in the planning stages right now. But soon we will hopefully start to get this place looking a little bit more the way we want it to look. 

Hope you all have a lovely week! 


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  1. sounds like we're in the same boat! i agree that all white walls would really help keep the place feeling calmer and brighter. we should swap brainstorming notes, sometimes i feel too overwhelmed to even begin.