sandy boys.


For your Sunday afternoon pleasure. I have a goal to learn how to play the banjo before I die. Or maybe just before I turn 30. :) I used to hate the sound it made (Blue-grassy stuff isn't my style, but Old Time definitely is) but now I LOVE it. Enjoy.


  1. Awesome! I looked at the wikipedia article, and the one picture is from a festival in Harrisonburg! I wish I knew about these things while they were actually happening!

  2. Old Time banjo...and music are wonderful!! (And I agree with you about the bluegrassy sort....which seems to be what everyone thinks of when you mention banjos). tee hee

  3. I like this song 'Sandy Boys' (I never liked Country Music either) I love the old time parents have a Flatt and Scruggs record that I just love : )