I feel like I really have nothing to write about, which is partly the reason for my absence and partly because I'm just lazy. I've been taking pictures, though. And uploading them to flickr.

gift from marmee craft!

Also, check out the loot I won from Marmee Craft! I absolutely adore her art. If you haven't checked out her blog, you really must! It's a delight. Also she has great movie and music taste. Plus we share an interest for historical clothing, which is totally rad. :) Thanks, Marjorie!

new linen shorts

Otherwise, I've been sewing a lot. Baking. Sewing. You know the usual. ;) Now that the weather is changing, I'm finding I am in need of more summery clothes, so I've been trying to whip up a few things here and there. So far I've got a couple of tops and one pair of linen shorts. I have plans for two more pairs in different styles, but both high waisted (using my 1940s trousers pattern). The only thing I don't like about high waisted garments is that you really cannot eat much while wearing them. Yesterday I went to a party and you know how it is, they have tons of food and you feel bad if you don't eat some of it. heh heh. But I really prefer high waisted shorts over hip-huggers. Now, I don't mean to go into a long rant about shorts, but I sort of swore off shorts years ago when there was the big capri-pants rage. I cannot tan to save my life and I used to think that was a horrible curse I had as a redhead. How it just wasn't fair that I couldn't tan and all my friends could. (I even used fake tanning spray, which is nasty nasty nasty orange stuff which I do not recommend. But when you are 17 years old and all of your friends are a dark shade and you are white and pastey, you will go to desperate measures to fit in. At least if you are me.) Well, I've finally seen the light, at almost 25 (next week is my birthday!) and have decided that white is elegant and tan is ugly. I even find it hard to not judge someone if they are tan. I'm that bad. SO anyway, now that I've yammered on long enough about an utterly trivial and useless topic, I'll let you all enjoy your Monday. I'll try to think up something more interesting to talk about the next time I post. Until then, have a delightful week!


  1. White power! Or, to sound less like a racist radical, should I say Pale Power? ;)

  2. I learned to love being pale when I went to Spain. At home near the ocean, I was freakishly wan, but there, I was an exotic beauty! My skin was "like milk," they would say with beautiful accents. I've lived on that ever since.

    Thanks for pointing out that cool blog--I'm loving her style!

  3. I wish I were pale and redheaded! I have naturally olive skin and I tan without trying, but I wish I didn't. It looks off for historical costuming. Oh well. The shorts are cute!

  4. As a fellow non-tanner, I have to say your skin is gorgeous!

  5. Oh your such a sweet cake! :) Thanks so much for your very kind mention! And I'm pleased as punch that you liked the stationery! :)

    I must say...I chuckled aloud when I read: "The only thing I don't like about high waisted garments is that you really cannot eat much while wearing them." Tee hee!! YES!! Quite right!

    I'm quite smitten with high waisted shorts and skirts as of late, and yours are so pretty! I must get to work and attempt a little pair of 40's shorts (time to go search out an appropriate pattern)!

    Thanks for all the lovely inspiration and sweetness! :)

  6. Hi Anna! I love your blog! I've given you a pass-along blog award. Come by my blog to pick it up!


  7. A beautiful outfit!

    I don't get tanned either, and I rather like it nowadays. No need to force myself to sit in the tiring heat, trying to get some colour. I did that when I was younger and just got sun burned and a head ache. Isn't it more elegant to rest in shadow instead :)?

  8. Man, Anna. That outfit is gold!