too many things.


braids wednesday.




I really want to blabber on and on about so many ideas I have. There are dresses I'd like to make, heirloom gardens in my head {really really want to make a small garden this year...anyone have any tips?}, I've been baking, I've been thinking...You get the idea. Instead, I'll just share these pictures. Happy middle-of-the-week!


  1. hmmm...bagels and pretzels...have you been influenced by PW this week? My husband's very German boss used to invite everyone over for pretzels...they were heavenly and were made the same way that PW's guest just demonstrated. Otto took great pride in his

  2. oh wow! you have got some serious skills in the baking department! Also, nice braids. I would love to learn how to do that on my own head...or on any head for that matter.
    I just subscribed to a neat magazine called The Heirloom Gardener-- you might like to check it out!

  3. heide- yes! i've been wanting to make them, but after seeing pw and smitten kitchen together having a blast making them, i just had to join in. ;) i used a different recipe, though, which i'm kind of regretting. i think next time i'll use their recipe and see how it works. my dough was just too sticky, it was hard to form so they were smooth.

    sk- thanks! i really should start making more healthy food, but then i'm always seeing a recipe for something chocolate or bread or some such. plus they are more fun to photograph. also, i'm thinking of making a short video tutorial on how i do my hair in braids. it's really pretty simple! i'll have to check out that magazine! i know everyone else has probably already planned their gardens, but i suppose it's not quite too late yet. :)

  4. I know just what you mean!! My brain is all a flutter with new ideas and inspiration as of late....I guess it's the Spring!!

    What pretty braids!!

    We get "Organic Gardening"'s got a lot of great tips,too! :)

  5. the sheer civilized nature of these photos is rediculously refreshing out here. Marry me! Hahah. I'd kill for a pretzel...

  6. We started gardening a couple years back and found the book "Vegetable gardener's Bible" a huge find. It has great info about making smaller, raised beds to suit your specific needs. A great reference and source of information. Worth the find to help you in the dreaming/planning/beginning phases.


  7. This post is making me hungry. Your bagels and pretzels look amazing!

  8. love your hair! also yummy looking cake :)