no-shampoo on msnbc


no-shampoo {two weeks in} 3/3/09

Hey, guys! Just a shout out that a lady from MSNBC just wrote an article on the "no-shampoo" movement and if you scroll waaay down to the bottom you will see a little mention of me. She called to interview the other day and I was amused she found my blog! Anyway, I still recommend you guys to try it or those who are on it to keep going. I haven't used actual shampoo, but since last month I tried a shampoo bar from Burt's Bees as well as Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. Both seem to work OK, but you know, I might actually go back to using baking soda! I'm just so up in the air, aren't I? Anyway, check it out. :)


  1. that's fantastically awesome. i can't believe she found your blog and called for an interview. wow! fun stuff!

    i've not used shampoo since the middle of february, but it's hard to tell what the total effect is because i've been keeping my hair really short.

  2. Oh, how neat Anna! :)

    I must admit to 'wanting' to try this, but just being a coward! tee hee perhaps I should read up and actually do it! :)

  3. Going without shampoo looks great to me since I have curly hair that goes crazy if I wash it too often. If I wanted to go without shampoo, could I still use conditioner? I don't think I could handle going off of both...

  4. bethany, yes i'd definitely use conditioner if you have curly hair. i went off shampoo and just used conditioner for a year and even though my hair isn't curly it's pretty thick and wavy, so it brought out more wave and was less frizzy. my friend brandi has really curly hair and also tried just using conditioner and she loves it and i think plans to continue it. one of the biggest reasons i went off shampoo was because my hair was getting washed too much and it was really frizzy. haaate that, especially in the humid summer. ;)

  5. Hello there, just wanted to drop a note by about
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    It's an australian company, so you'd have to order it. But, I highly recommend it. Of course, I think I have a bit different hair than you, mine is very fine and overly oily. so yknow, what I could love you could hate but - I used the rosemary one and it was amazing...

    take care!