home-made bagels.


home-made bagels

Home-made bagels for the first time ever! Next time I won't bake them as long as I did. I was afraid they might not get done, so I left them in for a few minutes longer than the recipe directed and they came out a little too brown. Oops. Live and learn. Also I might try making the bagels a smidge bit smaller. But they were really very easy to make and I have a bunch of ideas for different types of bagels next time. I'd like to try a whole grain bagel for sure. Maybe something with oats and honey in it. Oh the possibilities! I used this recipe. They even show a short video on how to form the bagels, which was quite helpful.

The book I'm flipping through is a Christmas present from my grandma! It's one of the Japanese Craft Books that many of us obsess over. This one is Natural Material Clothes Pt. 2. Lots of great ideas in that book. They even have a pattern for leather sandals! I'm itching to make them for the summer. Perhaps I will document how I make them on here whenever I get around to that.

Listening to Alela Diane. Watch this beautiful video! More of her lovely music here.


  1. Hi Anna....I checked in to your blog this morning and I wanted to say thank you for sharing the beautiful music...I love 'white as diamonds'...and the video was beautiful!. I'll enjoy listening to it while I work on my painting. I"m going to explore some more of her music...

    (Had some banana bread with my coffee this morning)


  2. hello, heide! it's good to see you found my blog. :) i'm glad you are enjoying the music. i really love alela diane. her style is so soothing. perfect music to sew to. and it looks like she is coming out with a new album in february!

  3. looks like I'll be ordering her cd today...i really love her sound. Perfect for painting. I tend to fall in love with one song and listen to it over and over...my family thinks I'm looney sometimes...LOL

    Since you're obviously more 'in tune' with the music world than me...have you discovered the song "Arlington" by the wailing jennys? Love that one...

    (sorry if this post comes in twice...I messed up somehow the first time)