egg again.


egg with cheese.

Another rather boring breakfast, but this time I didn't burn the egg! I added cheese and made it into a sort of omelet instead. Tasted much better than the burnt egg I ate yesterday.

Nothing super exciting today. I've got to finish a project I'm working on and then dive into my taxes, which is pretty much furthest away from fun as you can get. But maybe I'll make it fun by putting on a movie while I sit there typing in numbers. I could never be an accountant in a million trillion years. {Funny I say that, because having your own business automatically makes you an accountant of sorts.}

Well I'm off to get things done.

Also, Vetiver is coming out with a new album in February. Love. {Don't forget to click on the mp3 "Everyday." Pretty song I can't stop listening to.}

And, this song by Bon Iver. {via. Lisen.}


  1. you have such a beautiful blog! Even fried eggs look pretty here!

  2. aw, thank you Sarah! i have enjoyed your blog as well. :)