Sewing Project: Summer Dress Vintage Vogue 9732


The other week I found this vintage Vogue Pattern Book and I decided to get it. I'm always so inspired by those old pattern books and this one looked like a fun one for the summertime! Funny, because when I looked up the pattern for the dress on the cover, I thought it looked familiar. I rummaged though my vintage patterns and found this exact design in my collection, plus it's in my size! Funny how I never thought about making it in a casual cotton. I think I like it best as a breezy summer dress. I haven't decided what fabric I'm going to use yet or even when I'll have time to work on it, but I hope I will have the time to make it soon. It's really starting to warm up around here and summer is just around the corner! It always goes by so fast!

I'm planning to trace the pattern out on tissue paper first, which is what I always do whether it's a vintage pattern or new. I know I'll have to make a few alterations since I want it to be more comfortable to wear and not quite as tight around the waist. That will be easy, because I noticed the front dart was rather large, so I'll probably end up letting out a little bit in that area. I don't think I'll make the petticoat with the ruffle either. It should be a quick sew with minor fitting issues, but I'll make a mock-up of the bodice before cutting into the fashion fabric just to be safe.

Does anyone else like sewing with vintage patterns? What era(s) are your favorites and what pattern companies do you like? My favorites hands down are McCall's and Vogue from the 1960's. I also like the late '50s, 1970's and even some of the early '80s patterns I think are fantastic. I find that these eras are pretty simple to incorporate into a modern wardrobe. I also have a fondness for even older patterns (1920s-'40s), but I'm mostly inspired by the 1960's-'70s fashions. Some of the artwork on those old patterns are really phenomenal as well!

Here's a vintage Vogue pattern I made up a few years ago. It's one of my favorite blouses. I've since made another in white dotted swiss cotton with 3/4 length sleeves and lace insertions (sorry that pic isn't a great view of the blouse!).


  1. What type of cotton material do you plan to use? A plaid? A flower print? I'm curious and I'm sure it will be beautiful regardless.

    1. I'm leaning towards a cotton lawn. I have some vintage lawn that would look lovely, but I'm also thinking about a nice light linen. It's so hard to decide! I may end up making more than one dress! I'll update once I have started on the dress. :)