Today is my five year wedding anniversary!


It's hard to believe it has been five years already! Being together hasn't always been easy, especially at the beginning of our relationship, but we have stayed together through thick and thin. We've learned so much and we've changed too! I love that we are slightly different people than the people we were seven years ago when we met. I think it's inevitable that people change and grow as they age. I'm grateful Jed and I have changed together. Jed makes me a better version of myself, he pushes me sometimes when I don't push myself. I'd like to think I help him become a better person as well! (Jed will tell you if this is true or not.) :) I really believe we are better people because we have each other. I love this man with all my heart and soul. I thank my lucky stars we found each other! Here's to another 5 years and beyond, Baby! XOXO


  1. Congratulations, Anna, and happy anniversary! It's wonderful you and Jed have grown together over the years!