A New Dress Inspired by The Moon-Spinners


I just finished this dress for a client who also shares a love for the 1964 Disney film The Moon-Spinners. She asked if I could make my Bachelor's Button dress with green fabric and a white collar/buttons. Custom orders like this dress are my favorite to make! I was so happy when I found the perfect green linen fabric in a similar shade as the dress Hayley Mills wears in the movie. I made the collar with white handkerchief linen and covered the buttons in the same fabric. I think it turned out rather nice and now I want a dress like it for myself! If you are interested in a dress like this one or you would like to talk to me about a custom order, please feel free to drop me a line! I love working with clients on custom orders. They usually turn out to be the most rewarding projects to make!

{And just for fun... click here to listen to "Nicola" from The Moon-Spinners soundtrack!}


  1. Everything you make is so perfect, Anna! That shade of green looks identical to the one of Hayley's dress! I also enjoy watching that movie in the summertime, it always makes me want to travel to Greece --in (sixties) style)! I'm also excited to see your new cute posts! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Cathy! That's so nice of you to say! That movie has always made me want to travel to Greece (60s style of course!) even when I was younger watching with my sister. We used to pretend to plan out big summer adventures! :)

      I know I haven't been great at blogging, but I want to get back into it! I used to enjoy posting so much. Definitely more to come! XOXO