Three Year Wedding Anniversary!!


Today Jed and I are celebrating THREE whole years of being married! I cannot believe it has already been this long! We have enjoyed every bit of those three years (plus the two years we had together before we got hitched). Sometimes I think about how crazy lucky I am to have met him. How we met is kind of funny, actually. We "knew of" each other for a long time because we were both homeschooled and were enrolled in the same homeschool assistance program. However I was much more involved in that program than Jed was, so our paths never crossed during our school years. In fact, I actually went to his high school graduation without even knowing who he was! And he remembers seeing me at a high school play my little brother was in. I guess I was the only person knitting in the theatre and he thought that was cute! Anyway, years later he and one of my brothers became friends and started hanging out together with his siblings to watch movies every week. Apparently my brother talked me up so much that it led Jed to go find me on Facebook and invite me to movie night. He didn't think I would come and I thought FOR SURE my brother was trying to set me up and I almost didn't go. But I ended up going anyway and boy am I glad I did! At first I wasn't really interested in a relationship, so when Jed asked me out, I told him right off that I wasn't interested. But there was something in Jed's reply that made me re-think my decision. And actually, Jed said later on that he didn't actually think he was asking me out on a date and didn't realize how obvious it was that he liked me! But I think girls generally have a pretty good idea when a guy is coming onto them. In any case, I feel bad now that I turned him down so hard at first without thinking that maybe he just wanted to be friends. We ended up going on that date and it turned out to be an incredibly awkward time, at least that's what I thought! Soon afterwards, I got a Facebook message from Jed saying he had a wonderful time! No way! I really thought that it went badly and that he didn't like me at all after that date. Looking back now I see how much I read into everything. Needless to say, I agreed to go on a second date, and when I finally stopped over analyzing everything, I realized what a sweet and kind person he was and how much fun we were having together. The rest is history! I love him more than anyone in this world and that love grows deeper every single day. And I know he loves me every bit as much. He's my best friend and the one person I can talk to about anything and everything. We are both unique with somewhat different personalities, and I think that makes our relationship as a couple more interesting, but also challenging! He makes me a better person. I don't know what I would do without him! Perhaps it's silly to say, but I truly believe we were made for each other.

P.S. These pictures were recently taken at my brother's wedding (the same brother who I thought was trying to set me up) at the very spot we were married three years ago. We were married in an old 19th century church in Amana Iowa and it just so happened that my brother had his wedding reception there this past May!


  1. Happy anniversary! That's such a sweet story, and you guys make a beautiful couple. I hope you're both doing well and enjoying your summer.

  2. Aw, happy anniversary, Anna! And what a cute story! Actually, my husband turned me down at first, too! I knew within three days of meeting him - like a bolt out of the blue - though I didn't tell him for months. I waited patiently for two and a half years for him to come around (in 2001; we've been together 13 years now). Some people are worth waiting for - I'm sure Jed would agree! =)

  3. happy anniversary - congratulations! And please tell me more about your wonderful pink dress.

  4. Congratulations! Wonderful story, Anna! I always wonder how you met Jed. I am just so relieved he isn't a reenactor. ;)