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peaches almost ready! peaches almost ready! new dress in the shop

I am having a 3 day moving sale currently in the shop! Jed and I are heading back to Chicago the end of this week to pack up our apartment for our big move out to Colorado! I'm so excited! I thought I would put my late summer items on sale for a few days this week before heading out. I'll have everything ready to ship out before we move, but I will be closing the shop after the sale. If you want anything, get it now! I won't be opening the shop until September. It shouldn't take as long to get settled into our new home as it did when I moved to Chicago. At least I will try to get everything unpacked as soon as I can! I'm so excited for fall!! Our new home is an actual house, not an apartment! I'm thrilled about that and I'm also thrilled about the beautiful weather and landscape of the new area we will be in. I'll write up a post sometime about our new home soon. I can't wait to show you our cute little house. The summer has drifted away so fast, I just cannot believe it! I'm excited to change seasons, though. And maybe I can squeeze in some time at the lake in between packing boxes. I know I'll need a few breaks to keep me from going mad, right? I probably won't update too much until we have moved, but you never know! Summer has been so busy and scattered. I'll be glad when I have some sort of schedule again. xoxo

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