happy june!


Happy June! Happy June! Happy June! Happy June! Happy June! 

 June is here and along with it comes the hot weather and pretty roses! I don't really care for the hot weather so much (especially our humid hot weather) but I adore the blooming flowers! I've always felt I was fortunate to have been born in June. I absolutely adore roses and it happens to be this month's flower. On my sixteenth birthday I received an heirloom garden rose from my parents. Too bad it mostly died one harsh winter! But it was so pretty when it was alive and blooming. Loads of pedals and buckets of the most delicious scent! Someday I would like to plant my own flower garden complete with old fashioned roses. Perhaps someday that will happen, but for now I'm happy to visit the rose garden at my parents home. There happens to be one particular climbing rose that has taken over, which I am dying to see when it starts blooming. Any day now I imagine! xoxo

(Outfit I'm wearing: hat: aerie, sunglasses: anthropologie, top: zara, skirt: uniqlo, bag: cabbages & roses x uniqlo, flats: bloch


  1. Garden roses are such a welcomed sign after our long winters up here in Alberta, Canada. Typically they can only been found first in a green house, which always makes a trip there worth it.
    Hope you enjoy your parent's rose garden in the mean time.
    I discovered your beautiful collections and designs today and I'm in love with each peace.
    You have some skill!!!

  2. Such beautiful flower photos!

    I fell in love with roses on our many walks in Kew Gardens in London. Over our four years there I kept a list of our favourites - especially the ones with the most blissful scent. I am so excited because we finally have our own small garden and it needed to be started from scratch. Last weekend we finally planted six rose bushes - two are climbers. It will be some time before we have flowers (there are no buds yet) but I believe delayed pleasure is the very best kind.

    Enjoy your family's rose garden!

  3. happy birthday month to you, Anna! Roses are wonderful, aren't they? Every year I keep a weather eye out for bare-root plant sales in February, or poor abused specimens that need some TLC by August, and my collection grows a little every year. I've been keeping them in pots the last few years, so that when/if we move again sometime in the next few years (read: if/when we can commit to buying a house and really settling down), I can take the latest half-dozen acquisitions with me. They're all starting to bloom at once here in Seattle, too, and it's so marvelous!