how i care for my hair.


how i care for my hair how i care for my hair
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I thought I would share my hair care routine with you all, since one of my readers asked what I do to my hair to keep it healthy (thanks Yael for asking, by the way!). I used to have a lot of trouble with my hair and I hated how thick and frizzy it was. I tend to have thick, somewhat course hair. But it is much better today than it used to be. I have a few tips for my type of hair that I've found works fairly well. First of all, don't use cheap shampoo that strips your hair of its natural oils. Find a shampoo that has argan oil or another type of moisture/oil in it. It doesn't have to be expensive either. I really like the Shea Moisture brand that you can find at most drugstores. It's inexpensive and it lasts a really long time. Both Jed and I use it and he has really curly hair that can get frizzy if he uses the wrong shampoo. I also apply a small amount of argan oil all throughout my hair while it's still wet. Sometimes I will even apply a tiny amount at the top of my head, where I can have a tendency to get frizzies. I generally put more oil in my hair during the humid summer months than the winter. If it's really cold and dry, my hair is straight. When it's hot and humid, my hair is a wavy puff ball. However, ever since I started using argan oil, I haven't had much trouble with frizz! I also use conditioner, but I don't worry about getting an expensive one. I've been using the Dove brand for awhile now, which is nice and thick and it keeps the tangles at bay.

Up until more recently, I really haven't used a hairdryer or curling iron/straightener on a regular bases. I think that is partly why my hair isn't damaged. I also know now that since I'm drying my hair more often and using really hot curling irons etc., I should probably get a heat protectant. Anyone know of one that is good? I hate adding extra gunk to my hair if I don't have to, but I don't want to damage it either. Other than that, my hair routine is pretty simple. I also take a good multi vitamin and other supplements for my skin (zinc for blemishes). I haven't taken any of those hair/skin/nail vitamins before, though. I wonder if anyone has had experience taking these sorts of vitamins? Do they make your hair grow faster or skin softer? That is another thing I need to research more about; dry skin. I inherited dry skin, which is quite annoying! I'm sure there is something lacking in my diet, but for now I just have to make sure I use a really thick lotion and body oil right after a shower, otherwise my skin hates me. But now I'm getting off topic!

The hairbrush I use is by Sonia Kashuk for Target, which is similar to the very chic and very expensive Mason Pearson brush. I love that the Sonia Kashuk brush is not expensive so if something were to happen to it, it wouldn't be the end of the world. Mine is amazing on those nasty nape-of-the-neck tangles I tend to get. And best of all, tangles are never painful to brush out. I also use a brush to tease my hair when I'm feeling in a '60s mood! The one I use is called "Teaze" by Phillips. I got it on Amazon for $5 or $6 and it works really well. Like I mentioned before, I love the Elnett hairspray by L'Oreal. I've never liked a hairspray so much!

As for my bangs, I blow dry them while brushing to the left and to the right. Then I use my straightener to curl them under. When my bangs were shorter, I didn't always use a curling iron. Sometimes I would even put the smallest amount of argan oil to tame them (in the summertime), but I know when I do that I'll probably need to wash them the next day. At the moment I am currently growing them out, so I'm playing around with different ways to wear them. I still love my bangs, but I think I'm ready to try another style. I used to trim my bangs, which is so simple to do yourself and saves on trips to your hairdresser every other week.

So, what are some tips you've learned about your hair? Any fabulous hair products that you would like to tell me about?


  1. The last time I grew my hair out really long, it didn't look so great because the ends were dry. I REALLY need to try argan oil!

    Also, some people take Biotin pills to grow out their hair, but I've read that it can aggravate acne, so I wouldn't recommend it.

  2. I am so glad you mentioned that SK brush! I'm in need of a new one, and didn't want to shell out for a more expensive one. ;)

  3. I love how thick and full your hair is. I've been growing mine back out, but it seems like it takes forever since I keep having to get the old damaged bits trimmed off. ;)

    I've been using the L'oreal Evercreme products for awhile and I really like them. They're sulfate free and they moisturizing has been great for keeping my hair healthy. They have a smoothing cream you put on when your hair is damp that is both a smoothing cream and a heat protectant (I think it's called Everstyle Sleek and Smooth Creme). The price point is also very reasonable.

  4. You really do have the most beautiful hair!

  5. I have really curly, wiry hair that's very coarse. I started oiling my hair with coconut oil, Weleda rosemary oil, or burdock oil before every shampoo and it's worked wonders. I don't wash my hair very often (again, my texture is very different--before I knew how to care for it, my hair was very Brillo pad-esque) and I don't use heat. I take biotin, vitamin D, folic acid, and zinc. I've noticed a huge change in my skin and hair when I added fish oil and evening primrose oil to my regimen. I have extremely dry skin and with the supplements, I'm very glowy!

    Your hair is so lovely--I'm inspired to get out my hot rollers!

  6. I use this heat protectant spray:

    I don't use heat all that often, preferring a wet set when I do need curls, but when I do use heat that's what I go to. I wanted something effective and inexpensive and this, ringing it at $6.00 at target, really fit the bill.

  7. So inspired by this post and your previous vintage hot rollers post! Now I want to try out my set of rollers again! I always seem to struggle with setting my hair :/ did you have to practive a few times to get it right?

    I love using Argan oil as well. My hair has felt so much healthier and stronger since using it!

  8. Thanks for sharing your tips! I take a regular multi vitamin, but i also take Biotin, which is supposed to be good for hair, skin and nails... if i am trying to grow it out i take the 5000iu ($6 at Target) i notice it also really helps my brittle nails that like to peel (my manicurist once called them "eggshell" nails?). Also, i SWEAR by coconut oil for my dry skin. I use trader joes extra virgin... my aunt who is a nurse told me to take a spoonful a day, it is very good for you and will "work" from the inside, out on your body... i only recently started that (i mix it in my coffee in the morning)so i cant testify to any changes yet.

    I am also excited to try that SK brush as well!

  9. You have gorgeous hair! I just clipped a coupon for argan oil, so I will try it. My hairdresser used it on my hair and I loved it.

    My tips: I wash my hair every 2nd or 3rd day. I make sure to wash out the shampoo for a full minute, and I only put conditioner down the top of my head and through my long ponytail part so my hair doesn't get greasy around my face.

    For heat protecting, I love the tube of stuff from Garnier Fructis for straightening. I've tried other ones, but this one keeps the frizz down and my hair seems healthier (it's also inexpensive!).

  10. Thank you so much Anna! And thanks for the shout-out ;) I love your blog

  11. your hair is perfectly beautiful!! thank you for the tips!