december is here and shop update!


decembertop-1 plaidtop IMG_0433 Hello everyone!! It has been awhile since I've been here! I haven't really had much time to write lately and then when I do have time to write I am too tired to think of anything to say. I am trying to get back into writing, though. I have so many photos from the last few weeks and I want to start sharing some of them, but it is a bit overwhelming. Most of the pictures I took with my iphone and these particular photos take time to upload to my computer. Anyway, suffice it to say November came and went entirely too fast! I can't believe it's already December and Christmas is just around the corner! Jed and I already picked out our Christmas tree, which I plan to share pictures of soon*. We haven't really decorated around the house yet, though. I am slowly acquiring decorations and putting them under the tree so we can decorate one of these weekends. I'm also planning a gingerbread house and cookie baking day. I just love this season! I listened to Christmas music all day to get in the spirit. And I'm getting excited about all the Christmas movie watching.

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies or even some favorite holiday/winter books you like? Also, I'd love to hear about your Christmas traditions. Jed and I are slowly creating our own little traditions and I am always curious to hear what others do.

In other news, I've created two new tops. I am sorry for all the "shop talk" these days! I swear I will start adding more real content in this space and not just that I have a shop update. ;) But I did want to show you these two tops inspired by cold wintery days. The soft wool top is my favorite (and named after this lovely person, I do hope you don't mind...). I sewed myself a top from the same pattern only mine is a cotton plaid I purchased over the summer. I am constantly wearing it, since it's so comfortable yet still quite flattering. I love the festive woven cotton tartan from the second top. I couldn't resist making some fun holiday inspired things. I'm also planning to make a silk garment (I haven't decided yet if it should be a dress or a top) soon to be added to the shop in the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out my website for more images.

Have a lovely week everyone! Wishing and hoping for lots and lots of snow... xo

P.S. I was recently interviewed by the lovely Gina on her blog Oaxacaborn. I thought the questions were excellent and I had so much fun thinking about my answers. Do take a look if you like!

*The picture I am sharing isn't the finished tree. I couldn't wait, though, so I temporarily decorated with some vintage Christmas cards that I'm actually planning to send to friends. I will properly decorate the tree soon!


  1. Beautiful! I love the new tops!

    Our favorite Christmas movies are White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life and Meet Me In St. Louis. Well, and of course Charlie Brown.

    We always watch The Snowman as soon as the first snowfall of the year comes along. And we read the Christmas Story (in Luke) on Christmas Eve before we go to bed. One year, my sisters and nevvys each learned a verse and recited them in order. It was fun. My nevvy was about 6 at the time and he learned his part so good! We need to do that again.


  2. Oh! Of course I don't mind. My heart skipped a beat, it's so so beautiful! Thank you dear Anna!
    Love, Malin

  3. i love the festive new plaids, anna! i am so excited for christmas this year. i don't usually watch movies during the holidays, but i do love to re-read old favorites like 'the once and future king' (a.k.a. the sword in the stone).

  4. Anna, what a sweet mention -- thank you! It was really fun having you on the blog (you've got to create that Nancy Drew collection!)

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Check out the 'Blogger" app for iphone, no need to even INVOLVE ur computer if they're on ur phone~ Aloha from Hawaii, luv your clothes!

  6. I really enjoyed reading your interview. :-)

  7. Christmas is almost here! We have been married 7 years and are still forming our traditions too. One is that we make a lamb chop dinner for Christmas eve. Another is that we have a special little celebration when we decorate the tree. We pick out a specific night for it and make a big deal, including champagne and fancy cheese. The third is that on Christmas morning my sister and I make a pot of Christmas tea from Harney & Sons. If you've never tried it, its delicious!