busy bee.



Just checking in to let you all know I'm alive! I've been pretty swamped lately with about everything you could think of. And on top of it, haven't felt so great lately either. I never do so well when the weather changes back and forth (hot one day, cold the next). Perhaps it's all in my mind, though. But for some reason it makes me feel awful. Anyway, I'm working on a bunch of orders I received! Thank you to those of you who ordered something, and to everyone else who looked at my shop or commented about it! I probably shouldn't have put so much on my plate right before my wedding date (mid-June). And next week my sister wants to go on "one last sister trip" before I get hitched! So I'm trying to get everything wrapped up before I leave. Then I'm going to put some more dedicated time into wedding prep. I'm an incredibly bad wedding planner. Everything is changing on the last minute and I don't even have my wedding dress ready yet. Oh yeah...and I still need to find some shoes to wear too and flowers and make decorations... I'm learning there is no such thing as a simple wedding. Unless you just do it last minute, call up a few friends and go at it. Or simply elope! That would have been our preference, but I think having a wedding will be fun too! And then we will make some people happy because of it and I think that is a nice feeling. So rain or shine (let's hope shine...it's going to be outside) the wedding will go on as planned! Even if I have to tie a rope around my dress to keep it up. ;)

Have a great week everyone! I will probably post back here once things settle down a bit. xo

p.s. watching this movie lately. always makes me feel blissful. if you've seen it, the summer cottage is absolutely to die for. my dream home.


  1. Congratulations Anna on your beautiful new collection, what a lot of work! When you're feeling less swamped I will most definitely be placing an order, so many amazing dresses! Im so impressed you managed to get it done with so much else on your plate :) Good luck with the wedding preparations!

  2. You always have the best table runners.

    Sorry you're feeling stressed. Not that weddings are easy to compare to each other, but with mine, I found myself down to the wire with all the things I had deliberately left because they were kind of icky. Like finding some stranger in a vest in some car to dive us home after the party. Fun for some people, just not so much for me.

    Point is, about a month before the wedding, we looked at the list of still-to-do stuff and divided it into things we really had to do, and things we had left because they weren't important to us. And we just decided not to do a lot of things in the second cateogry, which felt amazing. We rode our bikes home, which was crazy, and an adventure, and totally one of the things I'll remember most in 50 years.

    Such an exciting time, though. Good luck with it all, really!

  3. what is the movie? the link is gone because apparently there was copyright infringement, apologizes youtube. I want to see a gorgeous cottage!

  4. Oh no, they did delete it! I probably shouldn't have put in a link. Anyway, it is called "When Ladies Meet" (1941). It's so good. Try to see it if you get the chance!