brunch with annie.


cinnamon rolls with annie

I made cinnamon rolls today using the left over bread dough (that same no-knead dough I have been raving about) and it turned out pretty good! Except next time I will not leave it in the oven as long as I did. They were a bit crispy. But they were still edible. A little too edible, I might add. Yum. Let's just say it's very hard to stop at one.


  1. yumm! i wouldn't have guessed your blog would start making me so hungry! lol

  2. Hi there Anna....thought I'd add to your breakfast menu with 3 of my favorite easy to bake goodies...

    First, Barefoot Contessa (LOVE her recipes!)..these are super easy since frozen puff pastry is used. I only made these once and my son loved them.

    And, BC's lemon cake...if you like lemon...this is it! Very lemony...not sugary like some lemon baked goods...

    And finally, one of my very favorite recipes...banana bread. This one is dense, and so good. Walnuts are also good in it. Be careful not to overbake, or it can get dry on the edges.

    Cute concept with your breakfast shots...I'd like to try the bread recipe...

  3. Hey son, Alex, must have used this Mac last...ignore his's Heide...

  4. Oh yum!!! :) I've been using that easy dough recipe for two months. So far I've just made lots of ciabatta loaves and rolls... I should really try some sweeter stuff too. ;)