these things, they make me smile


knitting plaid bed

::moka pots
::burt's bees lip balm
::crocheted necklaces
::leg warmers
::wool scarves/cravats
::my blue 50 cent sneakers
::long hair
::short hair
::fair trade coffee beans
::the smell of freshly ground coffee
::hand written letters
::red wine
::wool skirts
::real christmas trees
::"charlie brown" christmas trees found at garage sales for $5 and used for 15 years
::"how-to" books
::vinyl records
::french press
::leather riding boots
::dandelions growing through cracks of concrete
::kittens that like to snuggle
::people who like to hug
::wool stockings
::flannel sheets in winter
::hot tea
::cold cheeks to kiss
::old books
::swimming in lakes
::old quilts
::the quiet of late night and early morn
::gin + tonic
::old buttons
::printed fabric
::pretty old dishes
::and you


  1. lovely list, i think i'll make one of my own :)

  2. I like your list too. makes me happy and smile.

  3. i love your list, these things make me smile too.....

  4. i'm glad it made you smile! i need to make these lists more often. these simple things are easily forgotten.