vintage dresses make music oh so much sweeter


Do you ever listen to an artist/musician based solely on what they are wearing? Well today that is what I did. I was checking out World Cafe website, as I often do when I am in need of something to listen to while I sew, and as I was scrolling down through the different interviews I noticed this woman wearing a cool vintage dress. So of course I decided to skip the interview I was listening to (not all that interesting anyway) and went straight to Dawn Landes. I hadn't realized I'd heard her before about a year ago (singing "Young Folks") but now I'm gonna have to check out more of her stuff because I am definitely digging this sound. Not to mention her clothing selection ummm totally rocks. :)


  1. Very cool - I'll have to check her out some more. And yes, I have done this before, in the case of She & Him and indie darling Zooey Deschanel. But it seems to have worked, in both our cases!

  2. oh! firstly, thank you so much for sharing some "new", indie music. ;) lol. I've become quite a music junkie lately, and this is just feeding my obsession. rofl!

    and I totally am with you on liking musicians also for their outfits! lol!!!

  3. I love your blog, Anna. It's so creative. :)