i'm such a horrible bad person


{1930s sunglasses from a German eBay store.}

Okay, this could be debated. But I just had to share this recent eBay purchase. ehem... I could NOT resist. These were just too good to pass up. And I convinced myself that if for some odd reason I didn't like them on me, I could just re-sell them on eBay.

{Myrna Loy in Libeled Lady - check out those visors! cute.}

Honestly, is it really that bad of me to want to look like this? Will I look like a complete and total dork? Then again, I don't seem to care if I look like a total dork, 'cause I like what I like and I wear what I want. :) And why should I care if I am "accepted" by my appearance? These simply make me happy and besides, they would go with the whole 1930s theme I seem to be obsessed with lately.

{Three Smart Girls 1936.}

On the subject of my '30s obsession, Saturday morning I made a bunch of sketches of some of the clothing I want to make myself for the summer. Mostly relating to the early to mid '30s. I got a lot of inspiration from French fashion magazines from the '30s while listening to music of Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire. Yes, I actually listen to this music and I love it. Oh oh and I must share an image of the sailor shorts I'm gonna make. Haven't decided the material yet, but I'm leaning towards a tan linen or possibly a twill. Any thoughts?

{another scene from Three Smart Girls.}


  1. Those shorts would be beauteous in linen!

  2. Don't feel guilty! Only now am I truely realizing what it is in the fashion world that I like and getting the corage to wear "non-conforming" clothing in public. In fact, you are part of my inpiration to do so! Your outfits are always so cute, I just wish I had pieces that I could put together like you do. Just the other day I went out wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots, a lightwight green sweater,a lilac pashmina/shawl, and a snood! Yes, the old crochet kind that is such a horror to see at events, but I bought some from reddressshoppe.com and am starting to wear them with everyday outfits when I don't feel like doing my hair. I have spent too much time trying to conform to the eltist style that is so commonplace in the town where I live, which is crazy cause it costs a fortune do do so and I really don't find the clothing the women here wear all that interesting. I was actually wondering if you knew of any good "indie" fashion sites I could look at for inspiration.

  3. then we can be horrible, bad girls together, Anna! ;) lol. I'm always making purchases on the fly like this; things to "enhance my retro obsession". rofl. those sunglasses are amazing!

    I'm getting so tempted to shoot my day sewing and designing today; those images are really inspiring me. ;)

  4. I think it's brilliant that you are attracted to the fashions of the '30s! If you need any sort of validation, just look at how most of the top designers over the past few years have included "retro" outfits based on the styles of the '40s on their runways. You're just way ahead of the stylistic curve ;-)
    Not to mention the '30s styles are just damn cute!

  5. But you'll be such a cute dork!

    In all seriousness, though, I really admire you for wearing what you like and not caring what anyone thinks. You're such an inspiration to me! :)

  6. I love them! :) And the 30's styles are so lovely! I think there are more 'dorks' than you might first think! Count me among them! :)

    Great ebay find, by the way! :)