::thoughts on dress and your personal style


Lately I've been paying more attention when people talk about their likes and dislikes of fashion and style. It's funny how it's so easy for others to nitpick someone else's clothing because it may be a little different. Heaven forbid they look...dare I say...different. I live in the Midwest. Not a lot of individual style around here. At least I'm sure it's nothing like you will find in bigger cities where there is more diversity and it's easier to break out of the mold. Around here if you dress even slightly different, people look at you funny. Some of us look for approval from our loved ones and our friends. I'm learning to figure out my own individual tastes and I realize they differ from some of my friends and family. Though they may try to be supportive, sometimes they will find something particularly funny and won't have any problem telling me. It can hurt my feelings if I let it get to me, but why should we let those things get to us? If we're comfortable with the way we are dressing, why should we really care what others will say? Sometimes being "different" is a good thing. It's what sets you apart from the others, what makes you who you are.

I'm learning to be more confident in my tastes. The more I see, the more I realize what I cannot stand and what I adore. Or what looks good on me and what doesn't. That doesn't mean my opinion is above the average opinion. It just means that if I really want to wear something that someone else thinks "outlandish" well by gosh I'll wear it anyway. After all, it's only clothing. The world will not come to a screeching halt if I decide hot pink spandex is the new me. (Then again I have a feeling I'll never discover hot pink spandex as me.) I could pick apart people's outfits until I die, but then my life would be pretty dull. Instead I'm gonna wear what I like, maybe encourage a few people to break out of their own mold along the way. Who knows. But ultimately, I do it because it's just plain fun. It's something built in me I guess. I like clothing, I like hair, fabric, shoes...Or maybe I'm so drawn to this outer appearance 'cause I'm just a girl. Or utterly vain. :) Yeah, that could be it too. So if you're struggling with the opinions of others and scared you'll meet someone's disapproval; remind yourself that honestly, it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks. You know who you are. Trust yourself. Individuality is awesome. When you discover that, you are way ahead of the game. And then go out and have some fun already.


  1. so, so true. It's hump day .. only 3 whole days till the weekend. I'm ready for it already.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I really can't wait to meet you, Anna. You are an amazing person!

  3. Hi. I just happened upon your lovely blog. I couldn't agree more with your post! Embracing my individuality is something I am getting more comfortable as I get older.

  4. Hi, I found your blog through "lolo's" blog, so I thought I'd post this here. I read that you're going to be in Chicago soon, which is actually where I'm from . . . so, if you happen to be near "fabric row" on Roosevelt on the second Friday of the month (obviously, I don't know what dates you'll be in the city), I highly recommend also taking a trip to the Pilsen Art Walk, which is held the second Friday of every month, and is very accessible by bus from "fabric row." Also, you MUST go thrifting in Wicker Park, along Milwaukee Ave. And don't forget Chicago-style pizza too! Have fun! Chicago is truly an amazing city, and I think you'll love it!

  5. http://www.anotherpyrus.com/

    Pyrus... great designs.. outta london. Check it out. I think you'll like it.


  6. Thanks everyone for your comments! Glad you can relate with my thoughts. :)

    Rosie, I can't wait to meet you too!

    bloomergrrl, thanks for the tips on Chicago! We should be heading out (finally) in a bit. Hurrah for car problems last minute! haha. I can't wait to check out the city!

    Jenny, will definitely check out that place! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Fashion isn't necessarily vanity, is it? I mean, it can become a form of vanity, but I think it's more often simply an artistic and beautiful form of self-expression, just as valid as art or the words that we speak. Art and words can also be vain or self-centered, but society doesn't stereotype artists and writers and speakers as vain, so why should they do so with those who love the art of fashion?

    I know what you mean about the Midwest view on looking different... we have the same problem in Michigan. During spring break, I brought home some "interesting" clothes from Japan, and my mom was worried about people making fun of me (or worse) if I wore them in our small town. People can be ridiculously close-minded. -_-

    My secret dream, once I can gather the money to do so, is to dress in Victorian clothes for a year. I seriously intend to do it, actually. I'd be really interested to see how people react to me. I can't imagine it would be an overly positive reaction, but I think it would be a thrill, not to mention a lot more classy than modern clothes. It's interesting how are society has developed a sort of "cool, acceptable" counterculture, but true counterculture is frowned upon.

    I think it's people like us, who follow what they love no matter what society thinks, who will have the most fun and satisfaction in life! At least I hope so.

    Thanks for the wonderful post. It really made me prattle on... haha