My brother sent me this article from Business Week. Might be an encouraging read for those of you who can relate to it, as I can. (Though I will note I've never been tested for dyslexia.)

In another note, I saw the first fly of the year buzzing around my head this morning. gross.


  1. You would know if you're dyslexic. My uncle has it, and it's been very problematic for him. Last I knew, he could not read or write. He learned how to sign his name but other than that, my aunt has to read and write everything out to him.

    But interestingly enough, he is my mother's brother, and you remind me of my mother in talent and creativity. She's not dyslexic but left handed. She says being left handed forced her to use both sides of her brain. Of course, there is no science behind it since my brother takes after her in talent/creativity but isn't left handed.

    It's interesting though.

  2. Yeah, I know I probably would. If I did have it, I'm betting it would be a mild form. Though I definitely have similarities. Mom always tells me I'm just right-brained. haha.