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Here I am on blogger once again, sitting down with a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and a glass of milk. Life is good. Today I've taken up the task of cleaning my bedroom. It's a spot that often gets overlooked, as it's not a room I spend much time in. I sleep there, dress and put my face on, but other than that I don't spend more than maybe 15 minutes looking at its surroundings. I've gotten in the habit of just plopping things on the floor that are meant to be dealt with at a later date. The problem is I never get around to actually dealing with them. I know the key to a clean house is to put things where they go right away, so you don't have to run into this problem. Well this is just how my life is. I don't always do everything the "right" way. Perhaps one day I will learn...

My goal is to get rid of anything I don't use right away or that doesn't fit into my small space. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm going to try. I'm also clearing a space for my yoga mat so I can do some much needed exercise in the morning. Yeah, that's part of my New Year's resolutions for next year. I don't usually do New Year's resolutions, but I figure it's a good time to reevaluate my life. Although I feel like there shouldn't be just one time in your life when you make goals for yourself. I figure I should be making goals throughout the year. It helps me actually accomplish my goals instead of having a long list of things that might happen, but more than likely won't because they are so overwhelming. So I have written down just a few major goals that I know I've been putting off for a long time. This year I'm going to make an effort.

On to other and more fun things to talk about...

my other car is a sewing machine

I started a new knitting project and decided to make the James Coviello jacket from Vogue magazine (Holiday 2005 issue). I went with the creamy white wool from brown sheep co and it is glorious to work with. I'm glad I chose the cream. I usually tend to go for browns, but I have so many brown in my wardrobe and this will add a little flavor. I'm also making the bobbles slightly smaller than what they directed. I just felt like the ones in the pattern are waaaay too big. I think I'll probably omit the velvet ribbon as well. Oh how I love chunky yarn.

I hope everyone enjoys their New Year's Eve tonight! I'm not exactly sure what my plans are yet. Most likely get together with some friends to drink wine and eat food. Everyone go out and have some fun tonight!

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