It's been a long time since I last posted in here! I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore! I have been so overloaded with work lately that I just haven't had any time to blog or really keep up with the blogs I enjoy reading. The last time I posted I went to St. Louis and from there Tennessee (living history stuff), came home for a week and then went to St. Louis (more living history!) all over again. Now I'm home again catching up with orders and will head off to St. Louis (you got it, living history again...) yet another time in a few weeks! I know I'm crazy! Sometimes I've thought of just moving out there. Oh life...so many decisions to make, at least it seems that way to me. Probably just the fact that I'm in my early 20s with and always feeling like there's something new to figure out in my life.

Thanksgiving was lovely. I decorated the table almost completely with my own thrift finds. I've been picking up a plate or two almost every time I go to the thrift store and I'm finding I've started quite the collection for myself! I think it's about time I look through and pull out the ones I don't particularly care for. Sometimes I grab something I don't know if I like, but end up purchasing it anyway because it's so inexpensive. Other times I kick myself for not getting it only to find out the next time I go in that it's gone. C'est la vie!

But it was a fun time with family and friends. I made cranberry sauce from an 1840s recipe and two pumpkin pies. They were gobbled up in no time! I ate not too much, but probably more than what I usually am used to eating. But I figure once in awhile is okay. :)

Well that about wraps up this post. I'm going to be adventurous and post twice in a day, because I have about a million fashion ideas going about my head that I need to write about. I think first I'm going to try and get some more sewing done and then later this afternoon or this evening I'll post about my ideas. Until then!


  1. I still read it! Good to see you're alive!

  2. Yep! I'm still alive! I've just gotten busy and feel guilty when I take time to write on my blog when I should be working. :)

  3. Maybe you should just move to St. Louis. ;)

    -Rachel (from LiveJournal)

  4. Hey Rachel! I'd love to move to St. Louis. I don't know where I'd live or if I could find a roomate to live with. But if I could figure all that out I would be very tempted... :)

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